Questions To Ask A Boarding Kennel

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As we all look forward to our summer vacations, it is never too early to consider boarding arrangements for our pets. You will want to choose a boarding kennel just as carefully as you would your own hotel accommodations. Consider these guidelines and questions:
  1. Does the boarding facility provide a climate-controlled environment? This is especially important to cats and small dog breeds that are accustomed to the comforts of air conditioning. Also, older pets tend to tolerate boarding better with climate-controlled areas.
  2. Does the facility maintain a pest/parasite free policy? A quality kennel will require that each pet be checked thoroughly for external parasites such as fleas and ticks before being admitted. Many boarding kennels will require immediate treatment for any fleas or ticks noted upon arrival.
  3. Does the boarding kennel require proof of current vaccinations? This is crucial to the health of any good boarding facility's reputation. As a good and responsible pet owner, you must realize that there can be no laxity in this policy. This protects not only your pet's health, but the health of other boarders as well.
  4. Is the boarding facility associated with a veterinarian's office, or do they have a veterinarian on stand-by at all times? It is important to find out how they handle an illness or an emergency with their boarders. Be sure to provide several phone numbers for yourself, in case any question regarding the health of your pet develops.
  5. Inquire about the size of your pet's accommodations and how often pets are exercised. Most kennels have a variety of sizes of runs, cages and cat condos. Always inspect any boarding kennel before you leave your pet for the first time.
  6. Are you allowed to bring your pet's own toys, food and bedding? Most facilities encourage you to do so since it helps most pets not feel as homesick. Also, you want your pet to eat the same food that it normally eats at home to prevent any effects from sudden change in food, not to mention the stress of boarding.
  7. Does your pet receive a complimentary bath after staying a certain number of nights? Even if this is not offered, you will likely want to request a bath for your pet the day it is discharged, so your pet comes home fresh and clean after its stay.
  8. Does the boarding kennel provide a pickup and delivery service? Everyone knows getting out of town is hectic enough without having to make a trip to the kennel.
  9. What are the hours regarding drop-off and pickup times? This is not only important when it comes to dropping off your pet with your tight schedule, but for your pickup time as well, especially if it's over the weekend.
  10. If you have multiple pets, you may want them boarded together. Ask if this is allowed.

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